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Payment service method

Accept payment by PayMe / Bank Transfer to our company.

Use bank transfer, please confirm the number of funds you need to transfer, through bank, ATM or online banking
Bank Name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Company Name: Sanki Pioneer Ltd
Account number: 861512007125

To accept payment using PayMe, customers only need to download HSBC HSBC's PayMe app, they can post for free (no need to HSBC can also post). You don't need to know the company's bank account, you can pay the company by tapping the phone anytime, anywhere.

PayMe number : 5668-8112

Steps :-
1) Purchase the product and create an order.
2) PayMe App number (in the message bar (message) to provide the order number) / bank transfer payment (using the phone to take a few papers, email: cs@sanki-pioneer.co.jp or whatsapp to (852) 9423 3210 and provide orders Numbering).
3) Waiting for our review and delivery.

All proof of payment must clearly state the date, time, amount and reference number of the payment. If you are unable to provide proof of payment, it will take at least five working days to check the account. If you are unable to verify the number of guests, please feel free to retrieve the proof of receipt from the bank. The company reserves the right to cancel the order without refunding any money.